When It Is Your Day To Win, It's Your Day To Win!

May 26, 2012, will always be one of the most memorable and greatest days of my life.

Nick LeBrunI came in first place in a Bassmaster Weekend Series event for Division 10 of Southeast Texas at Lake Sam Rayburn. I had been having a rough time tournament-wise for 2012, but this win rejuvenated my confidence and put me right back on the top of my game.

Takeoff was around 6 a.m. for the 112 boat field. We were running out of Umphrey Pavillion, which is at the south end of the lake near the dam.

I made about a 20-mile run up toward the north end of the lake toward the bridge. I started off targeting some shallow fish that were hanging around some buck-brush that had been surrounded by some matted vegetation and grunge. I was pitching a Bass Pro Shops River Bug rigged with a 1-oz. tungsten weight by Elite Tungsten and 50-lb. Stren Sonic Braid. I was extracting the bass by using a Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier reel. I like to use the high speed 7:1 ratio in this scenario because it will help you catch up to the fish during a hook set, especially if they have traveled out of the heavy cover. My rod was a 7'-6'' Carbonlite extra heavy/fast action.

I fished shallow until about 10 a.m. and had boated about 13 pounds with five fish so far. I didn’t feel like I could upgrade any more in that area, so I decided to spend the remainder of the day fishing some deeper offshore areas I found in practice.

I only had three more bites the rest of the day, but two of them were more than 6 pounds. Both of my big bites, including a 6.99 that received big bass honors, came while I was dragging a Stanley football jig. I like to use a ¾-oz because it helps me maintain contact with the bottom, which is vital when using this technique. While fishing the football jig, I was using 17-lb. XPS Fluorocarbon Fishing Line on a Quantum EXO baitcast reel. These two key ingredients gave me the long-casting distance that is required to cover as much water as I can while offshore.

When it is your day to win … IT’S YOUR DAY TO WIN! I weighed in five bass for 21.04 for the victory.

Fishing had been really tough for everyone leading up to this event, so I really shocked a lot of people (along with myself!) with the giant bag I presented. This was a great day that provoked an awesome feeling, and I hope that I am fortunate enough to experience it again someday.


Written by Nick LeBrun