How to Quickly Modify Jerkbaits for More Action

News & Tips: How to Quickly Modify Jerkbaits for More Action...

It's tough to beat the thrill of catching fish on hard jerkbaits. Walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and pike are all favorites of mine to stalk with these deadly lures. There are dozens of outstanding jerkbaits that perform perfect out of the box, but tinkering can help you boat a few more fish some days.

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Adhesive weights like the STORM Suspendots and SuspenStrips, make modifying jerkbaits quick and easy.

Adhesive weights are an easy way to customize the action of a hard-bait by altering its buoyancy. I use STORM Suspendots and SuspenStrips weights. The nice thing about these is that tools aren't required. Although they can be cut for precision adjustments. They're also removable. This makes it easy to fine-tune modifications and peeling off the stick-on weight returns the lure to its original condition. A bonus is the product's silver sheen add a metallic flash.

Apply dots or strips along the belly of the jerkbait. A few dots or strips can turn a floating model into one that suspends or slowly sinks. Experiment with the number and position of adhesives to give the lure a different action. Extra weight can be used to increase a lure's running depth.

I keep a few sheets of strips and dots in my jerkbait tackle box for on-the-water adjustments to match changing conditions. On fly-ins fishing trips and other scenarios when faced with gear restrictions, adhesive weights are a great way to get more mileage out of a handful of lures and cut-down on inventory.

Tinkering with baits is fun, and adhesive weights make modifying jerkbaits a breeze, so stick some on and go stick some fish.