3 Awesome Jerkbaits Bass Love

News & Tips: 3 Awesome Jerkbaits Bass Love

There are a lot of fun ways to catch bass. Fishing a jerkbait is one of my favorites. When it comes to jerkbaits that'll dive between 3 to 6 feet, there are many standout baits on the market. Here are some highlights of three lures.

In short, you really can't go wrong using any of them when the day's conditions call for a jerkbait.

Megabass Vision 1103AwesomeBassJerkbaits MegabassVision

The first cast I took with the Vision 110 made all the hype make sense. This lure casts incredibly far. On ultra-clear systems, I've out-fished others in the boat who weren't fishing a Vision 110, and I believe a lot of it has to do with how far I could toss this lure.

These lures are great for other reasons too, such as its incredible darting and swimming motion, fish-catching suspending action, and elaborate color schemes. Confidence comes easy when casting a 110.

Lucky Craft Pointer3AwesomeBassJerkbaits LuckyCraftPointer

The 4-inch Pointer is the jerkbait I've been using the longest of these three. A bulky minnow profile and loud rattle are two features I really like in this lure. This lure casts far and there's something about it that's lethal at riling up smallmouth.

I've got an NC Shell White that has more battle scars than a seasoned UFC fighter and it's still putting bass in the net. From lightening-fast to cold-molasses slow retrieves, the Pointer is a bass producer.

3AwesomeBassJerkbaits JackallSquadminnowJackall Squadminnow

While the Squadminnow is a recent addition to my jerkbait collection, I've been a fan of Jackall's baits for some time. Years back I acquired a Squirrel deep-diving jerkbait and it quickly became a go-to.

The Squadminnow has an enticing zigzag action when jerked through the water and its weight distribution system provides good casting distance. One day last fall the first rod I grabbed had a Squadminnow 95 tied on. It consistently caught smallmouth from rocky points and bars, and largemouth from deep weed edges. I barely touched another rod the entire day, proving its effectiveness, not to mention the impressive durability of the Squadminnow's treble hooks.