A Guide to Specialty Fish Hooks and How to Use Them

News & Tips: A Guide to Specialty Fish Hooks and How to Use Them...

Angling tactics are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Not surprisingly, hooks are becoming more refined to keep up with these presentation innovations. The following is a sampling of popular specialty fishing hooks.

Specialty Fishng Hooks

FishingHookBG dropshotDrop-shot Hooks

Drop-shot hooks are designed to be tied onto the line with a Palomar knot. They sit out at a 90-degree angle from the line, which has a sinker below the line and are rigged with finesse plastics.

FishingHookBG weedlessWeedless Hooks

Weedless hooks feature plastic or wire guards that stand out in front of the hook point. They help keep weeds from snagging the point, letting you fish vegetation a lot easier. Their name is misleading as they're not 100 percent weedless, but are better than a bare hook for fishing weeds. If you're a fan of fishing wacky-rigged stickbaits around weeds be sure to try this style of hook.

FishingHookBG SpinnerbaitTrailerSpinnerbait Trailer Hooks

A spinnerbait trailer hook features an oversize eye with protective tubing that slips over your spinnerbait's primary hook to increase strike-to-hookup ratio.

FishingHookBG KeeperKeeper Hooks

Keeper hooks have a small barb arm that connects to the hook eye. The barb is inserted into the nose of a soft-plastic bait. The hook point is stuck lower in the plastic body. This allows for a straight presentation that's also fairly weedless. These hooks are extremely popular for rigging paddletail swimbaits.

FishingHookBG DressedTreble MeppsAgliaSpinnerDressed Treble Hooks

Dressed trebles (AKA feathered trebles) are simply treble hooks with feathers and tinsel tied on their shanks. These can be used to replace the back hook on hard lures like jerkbaits, topwaters and spoons. The feathers boost the bait's appeal, pulsating and flaring as the lure is manipulated.

Considering that some of the first fish hooks were carved from bone, anglers have come a long way when it comes to hook selection. Using specialty hooks is one of the simplest ways to take your tactics to the next level and make them more appealing to fish. Stock-up now and watch your catch rates soar.


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