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Jenko Fishing by Jenko Fishing

Sometimes something brand new arrives on the fishing scene that flat commands attention, but it's rare a new line of fishing lures stirs something so urgently in the average bass angler's 'I gotta have those' to the point demand almost immediately outstrips supply.

Jenko Fishing's Coleton JenningsJenko Lures are Rare Indeed

Jenko Lures was founded by teenage angler and entrepreneur Coleton Jennings. Coleton's lure design talents are second only to his bass fishing skills, showcased at last year's High School Fishing World Championship, where Coleton won, fishing his own signature lure designs.

Coleton began studying bass fishing at a young age and carefully researched the proven techniques used to catch them. He bought his first bait casting rig and some basic bass tackle with his own money and studied his grandfather’s methods with other species of fish while learning more and more about their various feeding habits and ultimately how to catch them.


It wasn’t long before Coleton designed and engineered his own baits, mostly spinner baits and top water lures early on. His first successful lure was a top water bait carved from a broomstick. He soon began tying his own hair jigs with materials from his father’s crappie jig-making setup, which was the genesis of the Jenko Big Wig hair jig.


He became interested in tournament fishing during High School, and joined the Calloway County (KY) High School Fishing Team. Inspired by many professional anglers, and of course his grandfather, Charlie. Coleton has placed and won many high school and local club tournaments. Including a 72 pound 4 day total at the 2015 TBF High School World Finals for an impressive 6th place finish. His largest sack of fish in a sanctioned tournament came at the 2016 High School World Finals on Pickwick Lake, catching over 26 pounds on the final day to win the event and become a TBF High School World Champion. All while fishing with his own lure designs.


Coleton's creations include the now famous Booty Shaker Soft Swim Bait, CD Series Crank baits, top waters, sticky spoons, spinner baits, and his signature Big Wig Hair Jig. Jenko also offers a full line of crappie rods and lures.

Jenko Fishing Booty Shaker Soft Swim Bait

When asked in a recent interview why his lures have become so popular in such a short period, he responded simply," Because they catch fish."

That they do.

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