Spinnerbaits for Bass Fishing

News & Tips: Post-Spawn Bass Fishing

Good Morning One & All!!!

Well the summer is once again here and in full swing, heat and all. People have asked me what is my favorite bass bait to use this time of year. My first response is where are you fishing? What is the water clarity? And what time of day are you fishing?

Spinner BaitSince the shad have spawned, the bass are keying in on them as a food source. Early in the morning and late in the evening on open water is a perfect time to throw a white spinnerbait around grass and wood structure where the shad will gather. I like to use a 1/4 ounce tandum blade spinnerbait. Personally, I want a Silver Colorado blade up front for lift and a Gold Willowleaf rear blade for flash. The vibration as well as flash the bait provides imitates the action of the shad.

As far as what other colors to use besides white, I like chartreuse/white and chartreuse/white/blue in stained water 3-6“ of visibility, and Plain chartreuse in muddy water. Also, since we are trying to match the hatch, if there are crawfish in the water where you are fishing, you want to have an orange/brown, orange/black spinnerbait as well. A sure fire way to check if bass are feeding on crawfish is to look down the back of his/her mouth. If you see crawfish tentacles sticking out of the throat then you have the food source for the day!!!

In Louisiana, when we see crawfish, we bring out the boiling pot, and add corn and potatoes.

Good Luck and Be Safe on the Water!!

“Set the Hook”

Written by Jim Breaux