Tips From The Crankbait Lady

Hello Folks!

Let me start off by saying I am known as the “Crankbait Lady”.

CrankbaitI will more than likely start my morning throwing some sort of top-water bait such as a buzzbait or spinnerbait. Depending on how successful those baits are, I will be going to my confidence bait. After all, “confidence” is the best bait in the box!

My “go-to” is a Bandit 100 Series Louisiana Shad, like the one shown here. But let me add that I will change the bait color early and often if the Louisiana Shad doesn't produce.

I use this tactic especially during tournament scout trips. I want to narrow my choices down so on tournament day I am not losing any fishing time.

The water clarity has a large bearing on what colors to throw. After the shad, then I am going to be looking to the green, chartreuse, blue, black combinations and brim colors for my next choices.

In open water, I am going to be targeting points and drop offs.

If there are any wood structures like trees, stumps and lay downs in the area where bass are likely to hang out, I will target that as well. Bass feel safe and comfortable in this type of structure. I will work all sides of the cover until I can figure out whether they are in the back, on the side or in front of the structure. I don't pass up submerged stumps and lay downs either, as they will hold bass as well.

My favorite way to fish a crankbait is slowing rolling it on a 6'-6” medium action rod with a 6.2:1 gear ratio bait castor reel.

See you on the water! Bass wishes!

Written by Cindy Breaux