Alabama Rig Fishing: Part 2

Fishing At DuskIn this, the second part of Alabama Rig Fishing, I would like to cover how to rig the rig, and what to use. 

My favorite Alabama Rig to use would be the Deadly 5 Shad Rig, by Bass Pro Shops. This rig weighs 1/2 oz by itself, and runs straight and true without rolling right out of the package. 

I pair this rig with 1/8-oz. to 3/8-oz. Darter Heads By Bass Pro Shops. The weight of the heads I use depends on how deep I want to fish. The hooks are strong enough to haul a large fish away from cover, but soft enough to straighten out when you get hung. 

My top baits I use on the rig are the Yum Money Minnow from 2” to 5”, the Bass Pro Shops Paddle Tail Shad 4”, Chompers 5” Riggin Shad, and the Berkley Havoc 4” subwoofer. All these baits I have in a shad or bluegill color.

When rigging, always check your local laws to see how many baits and hooks are permitted. For example, Missouri allows five baits, but only three baits may have hooks in them. 

When I rig mine up for fishing, I will have my top two baits as teasers (no hooks). I use a Hitch Hiker to attach my baits to the wire. My bottom baits will be of the same size and color of my top two baits -- only these baits will have the hooks in them. On the middle longer of the wires, I will put a different size bait, normally larger and a different color. This bait also has a hook in it. My reasoning behind the different color and size for the middle bait is simple: Bass need something to key in on when they attack -- the weakest shad, the minnow that can’t keep up, any weakness. I have found that by doing this, most of the bass I catch on the A-Rig are caught on the middle hook.

by Travis Clemen