8 Mother's Day Fishing Gift Ideas Women Anglers Will Love

News & Tips: 8 Mother's Day Fishing Gift Ideas Women Anglers Will Love...

Looking for Mother's Day gift ideas for your favorite female angler? If you need some inspiration, below are some of my wife's favorite fishing items.

#1MothersDayFishing BPSTenderTube

Bass Pro Shops' 3.5-inch Tender Tube in Amber Pepper Purple Flake tops the list as one of her all-time favorites for putting a hurt on smallmouth. It's known as "Sue's Tube" in the boat.

#2MothersDayFishing YamamotoDoubleTailHula

Gary Yamamoto's Double Tail Hula Grub is another go-to bait. Teamed with a football jig head this combo has a knack for hauling-in big bronzebacks and bucketmouths when dragged along bottom.

#3 MothersDayFishing RapalaXRap

The Rapala X-Rap, specifically the 3-1/8-inch version, has a spellbinding effect on bass when it's tied on the end of my wife's line. She uses a slow to medium-speed retrieve and really plays up the wounded-minnow aspect of the jerkbait presentation. "Bass love the pause," she likes to say — and they do.

#4MothersDayFishing StrikeKingRocketShad

The Strike King Rocket Shad is another doozy of a bait that Sue slams smallmouth with. Chuckin'-and-windin' is a breeze with this easy-to-fish spinnerbait. Runs true too in current, which is another bonus.

#5MothersDayFishing NorthlandThumperJig

Northland Fishing Tackle's Thumper Jig is one of Sue's panfish All-Stars. Whether hopped along bottom, cast and swam slowly, or lazily drifted behind the boat, the 1/16- and 1/8-ounce versions are deadly for yellow perch, bluegills and crappie thanks to the added flash and vibration courtesy of the jig head's blade. A 1.5- to 2-inch soft-bait minnow, grub or tube are all great choices for rigging.


As far as walleye go, my wife's a big fan of trolling a bottom bouncer teamed with a spinner rig. We use Lindy, Northland Fishing Tackle and Bass Pro Shops rigs regularly in our boat.

#7MothersDayFishing MustangInflatableLifeVest

Mustang Survival Elite 28K Inflatable Life Vest is another favorite fishing item. Comfort, non-constrictive and safety are three reasons why she digs this life vest.

#8MothersDayFishing BoatLadder

Buying a boat ladder for the boat was also a big hit. A ladder makes getting back in the boat an easy task after taking a mid-day swim.