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The UV Buff keeps the sun off unprotected areas.

I first started wearing a Buff while visiting Australia several years ago. I found the sun more intense there than most other places I'd fished previously and while discussing this with hard-core kayak angler Derek Steele he told me, "You should buy a Buff, mate."

I heeded his advice. Since then I've purchased various Buff products and none of them have let me down.

For anglers a UV Buff is the way to go. We get hit with ultraviolet rays from above but also from below as the water reflects them back up at us. Wearing a UV Buff increases skin coverage and protection.

I'll admit I was skeptical when I first saw a Buff. I thought it'd restrict air flow and be hot to wear. I was wrong. The microfiber fabric is extremely light-weight and breathable. Plus, the shade it delivers is a welcome comfort compared to having the sun beat down on your face and neck. I actually feel less hot when wearing a UV Buff.

The more I wore a Buff and tried the many configuration options — face mask, beanie, balaclava, full balaclava, neckerchief, headband, etc. — the more benefits I discovered. I was pleased when I learned that when pulling it up over my ears and around the edges of my sunglasses (balaclava meets face-mask) it would block light from creeping in behind my lenses. This extra coverage dramatically increased my vision through polarized glasses, helping me spot more fish-holding structure as well as see and avoid water hazards.

I quickly found my Buff began following me on more excursions than just angling adventures given it's so lightweight and compact. It quickly became an asset while hiking and cycling.

What's noteworthy as well is that a Buff isn't just for extreme heat comfort and UV protection. I use it as a neck warmer on cool spring and autumn days. I find the UV Buff offers just the right amount of coverage without being bulky or over-insulating. Come late autumn and winter I switch to the heavy-duty Cyclone Buff, which features a double layer of seamless polyester microfibre combined with a Goretex Windstopper fleece fabric.

UV Buffs come in a range of color options from funky, stylish designs to realistic fish-scale prints. They're also available in Mossy Oak Camouflage patterns, which raises the fact that a Buff is also a useful garment for hunters.

A UV Buff retails for around $24.99 and is well worth the money. Give one a try and odds are it will soon become an essential item on many of your outdoor adventures.

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