Tips for an All-Day Sit

News & Tips: Tips for an All-Day Sit
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Several things can make sitting in a tree stand more tolerable, such as choosing a padded seat and a backrest.

Deer hunters are a fidgety lot. All know that sitting on a stand all day long maximizes their chances of scoring on a big buck. However, few can successfully complete the long sit. Following are some tips which will help you master the day long deer stand sit.

  • Creature Comforts — Being uncomfortable in a stand is one of the key factors why deer hunters leave a stand. Stands that are too small and roughly built are sure elements that will shorten your sit time. Invest in the best, most comfortable stand you can afford.  Stands with padded seats and backrests are marvelous.

  • Confidence Rocks — Confidence in your stand placement is paramount to sticking with that stand all day long. Spending long hours in a stand without seeing game gets old in a hurry. Stand placement should be based on hard evidence that deer are, in fact, utilizing the area. Travel lanes, corridors, pinch ponds, food sources and bedding areas are all areas which should be thoroughly scouted before the season opener. Trail cameras are tops for investigating these sites. Keeping annual records of what animals are seen in which areas and recording kills as well will point you in the right direction. Let the info determine where you place your stands. Your confidence level will soar and so will your tolerable sit time in a  given deer stand.

  • Chow Time — Keeping yourself nourished and hydrated, while on stand, is common sense. Attention spans wane in direct proportion to hunger levels. Choices abound for pre-packaged foods and liquids that can easily be carried in a day pack. Carbohydrates are important for energy and warmth. Granola bars are great and compact. Trail mixes, nuts and jerkies are superb foods. Meals prepared by chemical heat are fabulous. Military MRE's (meals ready to eat) contain a whole course. You may not need everything included, so it is a good idea to break into the package ahead of time and only pack what you need for the day.

  • Potty Breaks — It is going to happen. The need to relieve oneself is a daily function. human urine contains ammonia just like deer urine. Deer do not seem to fear human urine. Many hunters often urinate in buck scrapes to freshen them up, track through the  scrape and then enjoy the benefits of having a buck track them to their stand. The thought is repulsive to others. It is best not to urinate by your stand. The strong scent may cause deer to pinpoint you in your stand. Move away from your stand to relieve yourself. Other wastes should be buried and covered well away from your stand.

  • Boredom Hurts — Boredom is a definite detriment to any deer hunt. If you are short on patience, spend practice sessions before the season begins, sitting on your stand. Take a book or magazine along to help pass the time. Many carry cell phones or tablets to their stand so they can read or play games. Noise tones must remain off, however. Regardless, provide yourself some type of distraction to prevent boredom. However, break up the usage of boredom relievers, so that you don't miss an opportunity to take that big buck after sitting on stand all day long.