Windy Day? Tips to Make Sure It Doesn’t Screw Up Your Deer Hunt

News & Tips: Windy Day? Tips to Make Sure It Doesn’t Screw Up Your Deer Hunt...

Every bow season I wait for the perfect wind for my favorite deer stand to arrive, then drop everything and head out. It has to be west or north. But with the warm weather typical of October in my part of the country, south, southwest, and even east winds are far more prevalent. So when I saw the predictions and then felt the crisp air blowing from the north one cool October day recently, I headed quickly for my number one bow stand.

spooky buck 700
Not only can wind swirl around and blow your scent in the wrong direction, blustery weather can also make bucks jittery.

Guess what happened next? I settled in, ready for a productive afternoon deer hunt and almost immediately the wind changed direction. I stayed until the first few deer, several does and fawns, came close. But they soon smelled me and bolted away. After that I climbed down and called it quits, knowing I would only harm that location and spook more deer by staying.

No weather condition exasperates deer hunters more than wind. It might look perfect as you set up on your treestand or begin a stalk or still hunt. But don’t count on it lasting. It can swirl any second, pushing your scent in the wrong direction.

Because of this, I’ve taken to tying a piece of sewing thread to my treestand and my bow or gun when still hunting so I can always be aware of changes before they ruin my chances. Wind-checkers that blow powder in the air  also work. When you’re aware of changes, you can adapt by moving to a new spot or even calling off the hunt if that’s the only viable solution.

Another issue to be aware of is strong gusts can make bucks spooky.  When leaves are still on trees and the wind whips the branches wildly, bucks become wary and seem to move less. A Boone and Crockett Club study showed that most record book trophies are taken when the wind is 10 mph or less.

Occasionally wind can be beneficial. It can prevent a human “scent pool” from developing around your treestand. Plus, if it is blowing steadily from one direction, hunters can count on the fact their scent won’t be delivered to area deer (provided they know which direction deer are likely to come from).

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