Three Questions With Pro Angler Timmy Horton

Timmy Horton by Timmy Horton

by Dave Landahl

Tim Horton is a seasoned bass pro who's been on the road fishing for a living for almost 20 years. He's won major events and been a vocal advocate for anglers and the sport of bass fishing in general.


Day 3 BPS pro Timmy Hortons biggest from the daySo, does this entrepreneurial bass pro and lure business owner have what it takes to survive Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source? Read on and find out.


DL - Which do you prefer more, the business side or fishing side of pro bass fishing?


TH - I'd say the fishing side with one exception- my lure business. It's the designing of a lure that really intrigues me, but I enjoy the fishing side better.


DL - What is your most embarrassing moment in fishing?


TH - Man, so many of them. Okay, going to the Bassmaster Classic in Chicago as the reigning Angler of the Year and I zeroed all three days. That was the biggest piece of humble pie I've ever eaten.


DL - Steak or dessert?


TH - It would have to be steak. Steak is just one of my favorite things to eat. I like a medium-rare filet mignon. Just salt and pepper for seasoning. I don't want to take away from the good beef flavor.