John Cox Picks Two Lures for Late Summer and Early Fall

John Cox by John Cox

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl


Fall is just around the corner and so is some of the most explosive bass fishing of the year. While many anglers transition into the hunting mindset, even more stay with fishing, and it's hard to pick a better time of the year to fish than late summer and early fall.


Many recreational boaters leave the water post Labor Day, so that means a lessening of incidental boat traffic pressure on the fish, and certainly fewer folks fishing your hotspots.


Berkley pro and former Forrest Wood Cup champion John Cox loves to fish this time of the year as well. John picked two of his favorite lures to toss this time of year and shared that knowledge with Pros4- 1Source.Professional Angler John Cox



"One of my favorite choices for late summer and early fall is the new Berkley Choppo," said Cox. "It's a plopper-style topwater bait and the fish knock the heck out of it. The bait runs great and is really consistent in producing quality fish.

"I like to use shad or bluegill colors."


Swim Jig

"I almost always have a Dirty Jig Swim Jig tied on," said Cox. "I either have the Berkley Meaty Chunk or the Chigger Bug as a trailer. The bass really smoke that combination.


"I had an 8- or 9-pounder hit it the other day. Bait came flying out of the fish, hit my buddy, who was filming me fishing, and knocked him into the water. I got him back in the boat. We kept fishing and catching them on that bait. My friend is okay, by the way."