What Would You Do? Ish Monroe

Ish Monroe by Ish Monroe

by Dave Landahl

Most people believe they know exactly what they would do when certain things happen to them in life. However, when you are asked a question about what you would do, and it's not a basic question, answers vary greatly.

Bassmaster Elite Series fishing pro Ish Monroe shared his answers in this edition of What Would You Do?

DL - What would you do if you were leading the Bassmaster Classic on the final day and you're on a crazy good bite, but a person on the shore needs your help and you are the only transportation around to get them to the emergency help they need?

Day 2 BPS pro Ish Monroe in 10th with just over 16 on Day 2 preview.jpeg300-250IM - I help them. No matter what the situation, you have to help someone in an emergency situation.

DL - What would you do if you found a bag filled with 10 million dollars cash at the airport?

IM - I'd take the cash and disappear. Obviously, the person who had it didn't want it. I'd never let my hands off it. Like if I won the Lotto, I'm walking that ticket to the state offices to get the payout.

I'd just live it up and enjoy life.

DL - What would you do if the producers of Naked and Afraid offered you a spot in their new show, Naked and Fishing, on the Discovery Channel?

IM - Yeah, I'd be on it and enjoy myself. Definitely let it all hang out.