Favorite Baits for Spring Bass

Jay Yelas With a Couple Florida Beauties by Jay Yelas With a Couple Florida Beauties...

by Dave Landahl


Spring has sprung. Sure, it may be cold and wet in some places, but let's look past that and stick with the rebirth theme of spring. Yep, the warmer temps, the flowers blooming, certain places in the country where the evil snow exists are now seeing new leaves sprouting on trees. Spring.


Anyway, a few pros shared their favorite fishing baits to use for springtime bass.

Edwin EversEdwin Evers

"I love throwing a jerkbait for prespawn bass. I love the waiting to see if your line will take off after a long pause.


"It's a great way to catch a lot of fish, and some really big ones, too."



Fletcher Shryock

"For me, it's fishing a green pumpkin or white chatterbait with a Yamamoto Zako trailer.


"I fish it on fluorocarbon fishing line in five feet of water or less, around grass or some type of shallow cover."



Alton Jones

"My number one springtime technique is sight fishing with a soft plastic, like a YUM Dinger or Vibra-King tube.Alton Jones


"I like sight fishing because in a tournament situation, you know exactly what size fish you are fishing for, which makes you much more efficient. Just stop on the big ones and bypass the dinks."



Jay Yelas

"Use a 5-inch Green Pumpkin Senko worm. It's so versatile. You can Texas-rig around cover, wacky-rig, Neko-rig, dress it on a shaky head, a Carolina-rig, wobble-head jig. It works everywhere."



Gerald Swindle

"One of my favorite springtime techniques is throwing a 3/8- to ½-ounce buzzbait. I tie it on 18-pound Shooter Sunline and use a 7:3.1 Quantu Smoke Reel  and a 7'4" G-Force rod.


"I like to throw this from early spring through post-spawn."



Josh BertrandJosh Bertrand

"My favorite springtime technique is fishing a Texas-rigged Berkley PowerBait MaxScent The General Worm around shallow water spawning areas.


"I peg it on a 4/0 hook with a 3/16-ounce weight and flip it to areas I picture beds being located."