Zona Picks Three Baits for Catching Late Summer Bass

Mark Zona (L) Jerry McKinnis (R) by Mark Zona (L) Jerry McKinnis (R)...

It's getting to be that time of the year, late summer. Yep, talk of football and Mark Zona's beloved Chicago Bears predicted to be the worst team in the NFL this season. This according to USA Today.

Zona McGinnis 1Anyway, speaking of Mark Zona, between trips to the dentist and an attorney, Zona took a few moments to share his favorite three offerings for catching bass during the late summer.

Strike King Structure Jig.

"My top choice for late summer is the Strike King Structure Jig," said Zona. "Use the ½-ounce model in the hard candy color with a green pumpkin Rage Craw. That combo works everywhere. Throughout the Midwest, that combo has to be the best. Lots of guys are winning tournaments on it."

Zona uses a Shimano Metanium 8.5:1 with a G. Loomis 854 IMX. Says the rod is crucial to the overall success for him. He spools 20-pound Bass Pro Shops XPS fluorocarbon on his reel.


"My second choice for this time of the year are either Strike 5 or 6XD crankbaits," said Zona. "Either blue or green gizzard shad. Killer crankbaits. Fishable under a variety of conditions."

Zona uses a G. Loomis 957 GLX rod and a Shimano Curado 6.4;1 reel spooled with 12-to 14-pound Bass Pro Shops XPS fluorocarbon line for his crankbaits.

Drop-shot rig.

"For me, the Dream Shot is my preferred plastic for drop-shot fishing," said Zona. "I like the green pumpkin sapphire color. I use a 1/0 Trokar dropshot hook, 10-pound Power Pro braid and a 6-pound Bass Pro Shops XPS fluorocarbon leader. Just a real good set up to catch 'em."

Zona's rod and reel combo are a G. Loomis GLM EX6 drop-shot rod and a Shimano Stradic reel.

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