Fishing Pro Timmy Horton Answers Three Tough Questions

Tim Horton with a fatty from Lake Okeechobee in Florida by Tim Horton with a fatty from Lake Okeechobee in Florida...

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl


What does a Bassmaster Elite Series angler who hasn't won an Elite event in 10 years do when he visits Lake Okeechobee? Well, if you're Tim Horton, you win the fishing event, then you of course do various interviews with various media types, and then deposit the giant check in the bank.


t horton2Then, if you're Horton, you finally get the call you really want, yep, from Pros4- 1Source. Instead of an interview about his big win, Tim takes on a challenge of equal magnitude to his recent Okeechobee victory. You guessed it right, the urky and dangerous waters that is Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source.

Read on and see if he made it out unscathed.


DL - If you had only one lure to use, what would it be?

TH - I would pick a topwater bait. Sure, it's not the most logical or the best overall choice for catching fish, but it is so enjoyable.


A popper fishing bait would be my deal. I love fishing with them and the strikes are just amazing.


DL - Who is your fantasy fishing partner?

TH - Bo Jackson. First off, he's an Auburn man. I went to Auburn University. I love Auburn football. He is also known to love fishing and hunting.


My perfect day with Bo Jackson would be to go bass fishing in the morning, then we go and sit in a couple of treestands and text back and forth and share what we are seeing. That would be so cool.


DL - Do your prefer steak or desserts?

TH - Oh man, that's almost 50/50 for me, but I'd say 51 percent steak. There is nothing quite like a well prepared steak. Next to sushi, steak is my favorite.


I really like a filet, but a well marbled ribeye is excellent too. Still, a filet that is done right, it's tough to beat.