Zoneloc On Tour: Three Questions for Alton Jones

Alton Jones by Alton Jones

by Pros4-1Source's Dave Landahl


Zoneloc pro Alton Jones is busy smacking bass during the 2017 Bassmaster Elite Series season. So, when he has a chance to catch his breath and reflect on what is going on in the world around him, who does he choose to chat with? Why, Pros4- 1Source of course.


Not only did Alton Jones chat with Pros4- 1Source, but he took on the challenge of what very few have ever done and lived to tell about. Jones answered Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source.

DL - If you could be anybody other than yourself for a few days, who would it be?


AJ - Donald Trump. Just to have the experience of carrying the weight of the country on your shoulders being the President of the United States. That would be something to experience.a 10785 1300

Also, the experience of being a billionaire would be pretty cool too. But definitely not for the hair.


DL - What is your favorite fishing method for bass?


AJ - Pitching and flipping soft plastics at shallow visible cover. I can choose from one of many Yum plastics rigged on my Zoneloc hooks and target cover.

There is something very exciting about it. It really is my favorite way to catch bass.


DL - Do you prefer steak or dessert?


AJ - Steak. I like both, but a really good quality 2-inch thick filet wrapped in bacon just can't be beat.

I love grilling. I'll cook steaks on my Green Egg all year. I like ribeyes too, but that quality filet that you can cut with your fork is so good.