Zoneloc On Tour: Hook and Line Pairings

Jay Yelas by Jay Yelas

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl

Zoneloc bass pros Alton Jones Jr. and Jay Yelas compete on different fishing circuits (Jones fishes the Bassmaster Elite Series and Yelas fishes the FLW Tour), but both pros love their Zoneloc hooks and have favorite line and hook combos.


Of course, like any top notch bass buster, they'll tell you they like whatever combo is working for catching bass that day. Still, they each have their favorites.Alton Jones Jr.

So, read on and find out the "what and why" of it.


Alton Jones Jr.

"My favorite hook and line combos vary a bit," said Jones Jr. "One is the 1/0 Wide Gap Worm hook on a drop-shot rig. The thin wire allows good penetration on light line hooksets."


Jones Jr. prefers 8-pound fluorocarbon for his Zoneloc drop-shot rig.


"The other favorite combo for me is the 4/0 straight shank Zoneloc Flippin' Hook. The strength of this hook is unmatched. It allows you to pull big bass out of the thickest cover you can find."


Alton ties his Zoneloc Flippin' Hook to 65-pound braid to yard out the big bass from heavy cover.


Jay Yelas.

"I use 50-pound Lews braid tied to the 5/0 Zoneloc Flippin' Hook for heavy-cover fishing and 14-pound Lews fluorocarbon line tied to a 5/0 Wide Gap Magnum Worm hook for casting Senkos and other soft plastics.


"Both offer the perfect balance of hook strength and line strength for those types of applications."