Zoneloc On Tour: Jay Yelas Summer Fun

Jay Yelas by Jay Yelas

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl


It's summertime, and the bassin' is easy. Well, maybe not easy, but it can sure be a blast. Warm, sometimes scorching hot, temps and bass schooling up in those deeper water haunts. Time to get out the deep-water dredging gear, unless you're Zoneloc fishing pro Jay Yelas, and you're looking to have a little fun.


The former Bassmaster Classic champion will certainly dredge the deep water during a tournament if that is what it takes to be in contention for a win, but checking out the shallows for bass is always an option for Yelas, even during the a 10930 1300-250summer months.


"I prefer to fish targets, said Yelas. "Obviously fishing the deep stuff is something to pursue if it means winning a tournament, but if you just want to catch fish during the summer, I'd rather fish visible cover. Plus, I won a Classic fishing visible cover during the summer, so it can be a winning combination too."


Fishing the Water Current

"I like to fish rivers during the summer," said Yelas. "Bass will usually be up shallow around the banks behind some form of current break.


"The current applies to lakes, and reservoirs too. Anywhere you find current, you can usually find some bass. I don't mean heavy current either. Just fish the current breaks.


"This is when I'll tie on a Zoneloc hook and a Yamamoto Flappin' Hog and just start to pitch to visible cover. It's so much fun."


Yelas Go-To Topwater Lures

"I don't know anybody who fishes for bass who doesn't like fishing with topwater lures," said Yelas. "Whether it's fishing a frog over shallow matted vegetation, or maybe fishing a Spook, or a chugger on a long flat point or buzzbaits through a pad field. Those explosive bites just do it for me."


Docks Hold Bass All Summer Long

"I know not every body of water has docks, but the ones that do will hold bass all summer long," said Yelas. "Skipping and pitching docks is so fun and rewarding. You really get to show off your casting skills. This is where the best casts will usually shine.


"Being able to get your lure way back there in the shaded areas when other anglers can't and getting the bite is the reward. It is very satisfying.


"I'll either Texas-rig a worm with a Zoneloc flippin' Hook or use a spinning rod and skip a shaky-head fishing jig and worm under the dock.


"I really enjoy target fishing."