Bobby Lane's Top 3 Baits for Late-Summer Bass

Bobby Lane by Bobby Lane

by Dave Landahl


Spiderwire fishing line pro Bobby Lane is having a solid year fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. He's in the Top 30 in Angler of the Year points heading into the final regular season event. If he keeps up the pace he's been on, Lane will be fishing once again in the Bassmaster Classic.


So, during his down time between events, Bobby took a few moments to share some of his bass fishing knowledge with Pros4- 1Source. In this case, Bobby is sharing his Top 3 baits/techniques for late-summer bassin'.



"First for me in the late summer is a 10-inch Berkley PowerBait worm," said Lane. "The weight I use, of course, depends on depth. Usually anywhere from 3/16-1/2 ounce. I look for depths of say 10-20 feet of water, and structures like humpsBobby Lane pulls his Sunday q or channel swings close to banks."


Lane uses an Abu Garcia 7' 3" medium-heavy Villian casting rod, and a Abu Garcia Revo STX reel loaded with 15-20 pound fluorocarbon fishing line.


His favorite color is blue fleck for the worm, but experiment for your best results.



"Another favorite late in the summer is a Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper," said Lane. "I use the 6.25-inch model and will skip docks or shaded banks with it. I'll use a shaky-head jig or fish it wacky style."


Lane's set up for skipping is a 7-foot medium-heavy Villian spinning rod and a Revo STX spinning reel loaded with 10-pound Spiderwire Ultracast and a 10-15 pound fluorocarbon leader.


Favorite colors to choose are June bug or green pumpkin. Like always, it really depends on water clarity, so experiment.



I like the PowerBait Rib Toad," said Lane. "Burn it on your retrieve in the back of creeks that have a little depth to them, like 3-6 feet of water."


Lane beefs up for frogging with a 7'6" medium-heavy Abu Garcia Veracity casting rod, a Revo ALX casting reel and 50-pound Spiderwire Ultracast braid.


Toad color is up to you, but Lane uses green pumpkin, black or white.