Fish the Points Near Bays for Migrating Largemouth in the Fall

News & Tips: Fish the Points Near Bays for Migrating Largemouth in the Fall...
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Be sure to fish points near bays for largemouth this autumn. These areas draw in bass that are leaving shallow bays and can hold lots of quality fish in a small area.

It’s autumn. Many types of wildlife are on the move, including largemouth bass. Patterning bass in transition can be tricky. Try concentrating on points leading into large bays to give your fall bass fishing efforts a boost.

Seasonal Triggers

Bays and river backwater areas containing weeds, wood and forage opportunities are paradise for largemouth in summer. Autumn is a different story. Conditions change.

Shortening days and dropping water temperatures trigger instincts in largemouth to leave bays for deeper water. Decaying weeds zap oxygen, further encouraging bass to find better habitat. Another reality on the northern waters I fish is that shallow bays freeze over during winter. Thick ice can trap bass in a spot. Getting locked in shallow bays or backwaters could be a fatal mistake. These and other factors are reasons bass move deep.

The power of a point

A point near a bay often acts as a natural travel route for bass from shallow to deep water. These structures offer a gradual change in water depth and funnel fish movements. Bass rarely dash from skinny water to deep habitat overnight. They transition from one spot to the next. Points act as pit stops that can concentrate bass.

3 Bait Suggestions

Many lures and soft-baits work for probing points. Here are three that are always rigged on my rods.

1. Crankbaits - Use various models to cover a range of depths. Don’t neglect shallow running models as bass may still hold in shallow water on points after exiting a bay.

2. Jerkbaits - The twitch-pause action of these lures excels at catching bass from cool water. Suspending models can be deadly at triggering hits when allowed to hover on long pauses.

3. Big jigs - Whether it’s a flipping jig or a chunky creature on a football jig, working rocks, sand and weed edges with a bulky jig is a trophy fish tactic in autumn that works great on points.

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