Summer Froggin for Bass


Bass busters throughout the land love the springtime bite. When bass start getting active. Pursuing eats and getting ready to reproduce. Great fun is had by most anglers in the spring.

However, many non-fanatical anglers whine about the "Dog Days" of summer. Too much heat. Fishing isn't as easy, etc. That's just fine for the rest of us who can't wait for the heat and the weed-choked areas to form on our favorite lakes. For the uniformed, it's an impenetrable mass. But for those in the know, it's time to bust big bass with frogs in the shallows while others are staying cool in the pool, pub, or in the air conditioning at home.

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There are a zillion types of frogs in the marketplace. The two most popular styles are solid soft-plastic and hollow-bodied frogs.

The hollow-bodied frogs are ideal for dragging over dense mats. They also excel as a topwater offering using the walk-the-dog method. You can also cast them under some of the densest shoreline cover without worrying about too many snags.

Solid-bodied frogs are also excellent in the mats. They can be fished in the same areas and also allowed to drop into holes and sink. This can draw some quality strikes. This variety can also be used as a topwater bait, but they require a quick retrieve. Many of them have leg designs that kick, flap, and more.

For both frogs, using heavy braid and casting gear is a necessity for getting solid hooksets and dragging the bass from the dense weeds.

Get off the couch, throw on some sunscreen, grab your frog box, and hit up your favorite body of water this summer.

Dave Landahl