Three Questions With Pro Angler Andy Morgan

Andy Morgan at Kentucky Lake by Andy Morgan at Kentucky Lake...

Fresh off months of hardcore hunting, Livingston Lures pro and former FLW Tour Angler of the Year, Andy Morgan, was in a weakened state. So much so he agreed to take the challenge and answer Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source.

Did the venerable pro survive the blistering verbal assault and inquisition? Read on if you dare and find out.

DL - Do you prefer fishing more or fewer tournaments during the FLW Tour season?

AM - I like about 10 events per year. That is enough to have a shot at making some money, but also leaves me fresh and not burned out.OutdoorsFIRST Media

Next season there will be 9 FLW events including the Forrest Wood Cup and those couple of post-season tournaments. Plus the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. That is 10 and about the right amount for me.

I look at it this way, if I burn out and fish too much, I can't make money. I'd have no fight left in me. For me, that is moving backward not forward in your career. I get guys who want to chase the money, but if you're not 100 percent what is the point? I don't want to be half-ass all season. I want to be in my prime at every event.

DL - What is your fantasy fishing or hunting destination?

AM - A lot of places out west in the USA. I love that mule deer and elk hunting out there. Hunting spots that are tough to get to. I hunted with an outfitter this season in Colorado. He's been running his business for 25 years. We hunted a part of his land he's never hunted before. Terrain was tricky, tough to get into. It was excellent. I loved it.

As far as fishing, I've always wanted to fish the California Delta. It seems so challenging and a real hunt to get into that maze of water and find those big fish. Plus, you read about the techniques, fishing heavy cover, punching, mats, and all of that. I love the hunting aspect.

DL - Do you prefer steak or desserts?

AM - Steak. I mean, I am a major meat eater. I always have been. Plus, as I get older, I've really tried to cut back on my sugar intake. I try to keep my body weight somewhere around 200 or 210 pounds. Eating sweets isn't good for that.

Heck, I could eat meat at every meal. I could eat steak and nothing else. Sometimes I do.

I really like the flavor of ribeye, but a good New York strip is excellent, too and leaner, probably a bit healthier than the ribeye. Deer meat, too. I like grilling a whole back strap to medium rare. I could eat that all day.

By Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl