Pro Angler Shaw Grigsby's Three Must Haves

Shaw Grigsby during the National Anthem. by Shaw Grigsby during the National Anthem....

With the B.A.S.S. Open season upon us and the Bassmaster Elite Series starting in March, Pros4- 1Source took the time to hunt down legendary Mercury pro Shaw Grigsby and see what he's up to. Grigsby paused his practice for the B.A.S.S. Open event on the Kissimmee Chain in Florida long enough to spill the beans on his "Three Must Haves" while on tour.

1. Cold Weather Bag

"I live in Florida," said Grigsby. "My home state is not known for cold weather, but I make sure I have a cold weather bag filled with whatever I may need on tour. When I pack my truck for the season, that bag is in there. I use Simms gear. getimage article show300Long Johns, everything thing from the light to the heavy stuff. Liner socks, gloves, hats, etc. Everything you'd need no matter what the conditions are.

"One day we're fishing in an area where it's 89 degrees. The next stop it's 35 and windy and raining. You have to be prepared."

2. Boat Snacks

"I try to keep plenty of snacks in my boat," said Grigsby. "The other day I was heading out to practice for a tournament. I forgot to load snacks. Luckily, there were some old ones from the previous season. They weren't so good, but they were there. They gave me the energy to keep going.

"Some of my favorites are jerky and bananas. Jerky gives you that protein burst. Bananas are just good for you. I've never understood why some guys are so paranoid about bananas. I love them."

3. Quality GPS Unit

"Essentially what we do on the road is travel, sleep, eat and fish," said Grigsby. "That is really what our lives consist of on the road. So, since we are busy with all of that, I like to be able to locate things like a good restaurant, launch ramps, a nice hotel. I rely on a good GPS to help me with that.

"We all really rely on the GPS on the water, but also in our trucks traveling. I need to find something good to eat and a decent hotel. I don't really camp anymore. My idea of camping now is a Holiday Inn. The GPS helps me find what I need."

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl