Three Questions With Pro Angler Scott Martin

Scott Martin by Scott Martin

by Dave Landahl

Can you feel it? Oh, you know you can. It's time once again for the most feared inquisition in the world of professional fishing. Yep, Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source.

So, who is the victim, um, uh, subject in this edition? None other than reigning FLW Tour Angler of the Year Bass Pro Shops pro Scott Martin. Yep, he was getting into his truck heading to an event and accepted the challenge of Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source.

DL - What is more important, winning a tournament or making cash?

SM - Making cash all the way. I've got a wife and kids. It's all about making money. When I was younger and didn't have as many responsibilities, it was just about winning. Now it's about the cash.

index1300-250DL - What is your favorite part of being a tournament pro?

SM - The challenge of competition. Really, the challenge of it. It's not about how pretty the fish look when they jump. It's about figuring out that puzzle each tournament day. It's like a Rubik's Cube. I really love the challenge. It's what drives me.

DL - Do you prefer steak or dessert?

SM - Steak. I need substance, energy, like the protein steak gives me. I'm up early each day and work hard. I need what steak gives me.

Dessert is for relaxing. I don't have time for it. I've got to be on my A-game, pedal to the metal all of the time.