Three Questions With Pro Angler Brandon Card

Brandon Card by Brandon Card

By Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl.

After making a run at the BASSfest title, Abu Garcia pro Brandon Card is feeling his oats. So much so that he is braving the most feared inquisition in all of pro fishing...Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source!!!

Can Card survive this brutal encounter? Read on and find out.

DL - What is your biggest fear fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series?

BC - I'm not sure I have any big fears. Though, complete failure may be it. I tend to keep a positive attitude no matter what. I don't want to finish dead last.


At the St. John's event that Rick Clunn won, I finished in the 100s. I felt so defeated, I just wanted to crawl back into my room.

DL - What is your favorite lure to use on the Elite Series?

BC - I love frogging. If there is a frogging bite, I want in. I turn into a frogging beast. If I get one or two really good bites with a frog, it's tough to put it down.

Actually, I've had several top finishes using a frog bait on the Elites. Then again, I've also stuck with it because of one good bite and didn't do too well.

Still, if you can get five bites on the frog, they are usually bigger fish. It's a good, big fish bait. If you can get those fish in, you usually weigh in a good bag of bass.

DL - Do you prefer steak or dessert?

BC - I like steak, but I'd have to go with dessert. Specifically a warm apple cobbler with some ice cream on it. Or going to get some frozen yogurt with my wife, Kelly.

Really, any of the warm and cold combos are my favorites. Warm cake with ice cream. Anything like that I really like.