3 Favorite Summer Topwaters the Pros Like to Toss

Josh Bertrand by Josh Bertrand

Whether you're dropping your trolling motor down, wading a stream, paddling a kayak or walking the shoreline, fishing topwater lures for bass is one of the most enjoyable ways to bust those piscine foes during the summer months.

As the day is awakening, so is that aggressive feeding mode bass are famous for. Before the heat of the day, the action on top can be its hottest.

So, what do some of the top pros like to toss on top for bass during the summer? Of course, the answers vary as much as the colors on their pro jerseys.

index2300Here are a few of the faves for busting summer bass on top from three pro anglers.

1.Berkley pro Josh Bertrand digs taking a walk for big summer bass.

"I really like a walking bait in the summer," said Bertrand. "I can cover a lot of water with it. Plus, it attracts the big bites."

2. Yum Baits pro and former Bassmaster Classic champion Alton Jones likes to get shady when fishing on top during the hot months.

"I like the Booyah Pad Crasher," said Jones. "I like it because you can skip it back into the shadiest, darkest places where the big bass live."

3. No shock, but Lucky Craft pro Brent Ehrler loves a Lucky Craft topwater. Although, it carries the most consumer friendly price tag, it's still his favorite.

"I started using the brand new Lucky Craft Gunfish 117," said Ehrler. There are three reasons I love it. First, it is the best topwater bait ever invented.

"Second, it now has three trebles instead of two which makes it the best version ever.

"Third, it's now $8.99. End of story!"


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