Tips for Catching Hot Weather Bass With Scott Martin

Scott Martin by Scott Martin

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl

It's getting hot outside. Many bass anglers are taking vacations to chase their favorite finned critters, but often have a hard time yanking quality fish out of their favorite ponds.

Fortunately for us, Bass Pro Shops angler and FLW Tour champion Scott Martin had a few moments to spare to break down a simple approach to catching largemouth bass throughout the heat of the summer months.

Hit With a Topwater Lure Early

"The first part of my approach is pretty basic," said Martin. "Hit main-lake shoreline cover early with a topwater lure. I use a buzzbait or a Live Target walking bait.

"That early morning summer action can be phenomenal, but you usually need to be on the water early."

Go Deep. Go Big With a Plastic Worm

"Super basic, but so effective is fishing a big plastic worm deep," said Martin. "I like the 10-inch Tightlines UV ribbon tail worm. Fish it along deep ledges on reservoirs or deep drop-offs or rockpiles in natural lakes. That big worm is effective.

"I like to use the red bug color when fishing in reservoirs, rivers, or any lower visibility water. Green pumpkin is my choice in clear water."

Fishing Shallow is Always an Option

"Don't pass up on the real heavy matted grass or thick log jams," said Martin. "I use a heavy tungsten weight and a Tightlines UV 'The Punch' bait to work into the heaviest stuff.

"Pitching around docks with a weightless UVenko soft plastic stickbait or a finesse worm and shaky head are also good choices."

For all of his fishing, Martin uses Okuma rods and reels and P-Line products for his fishing line.