Three Questions With Pro Angler Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam by Kevin VanDam

by Pros4-1Source's Dave Landahl


Kevin VanDam won three Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments during the 2016 season. After many silly pundits/trolls wrote off arguably the greatest professional tournament bass angler to date, it was a heck of a performance by a pro that just seems to perform under pressure.

Anyway, to celebrate such a victorious season, why not torture the man and really put the pressure on with a trio of question the Presidential candidates would cower from. Oh yeah, VanDam stepped up and answered Three Questions fromunnamedv300 Pros4- 1Source. Did he survive? Read on.

DL - Do you prefer to hunt or fish?

KVD - That's a tough one. I do love to hunt. I love to do both. I suppose it depends on the trip. Overall, I love fishing more than hunting. It's my passion.

DL - If you were elected President of the United States, what would be your first executive decision?

KVD - I would abolish Obamacare. I know the majority of the anglers I fish with are self-employed. When that law was passed, fees went up and seemed to punish anybody making a little money for themselves. The cost is unacceptable and now many insurance companies are withdrawing from it, exchanges are closing. It's just not a good idea to nationalize healthcare from what I've experienced.

DL - Do you prefer beer or soda?

KVD - I like them both. Everyday, I'm drinking soda. Every weekend, beer. Seriously, I really like the various flavors of all of the beer varieties available. It's enjoyable trying different flavors.

My regular beer is Busch Light. Not only are they a sponsor of mine, I really like the beer. It's my beer.