Jay Yelas on His Most Important Pre-Season Pro Fishing Prep

Jay Yelas by Jay Yelas

Getting prepared for an upcoming season of professional bass fishing is unlike most major sports. There is no pre-season training camp followed by pre-season games. Nope. Pro fishing involves a much more complex set of preparations.

Zoneloc hooks pro and former Bassmaster Classic champion Jay Yelas shared his most important facets of pre-season preparation with Pros4- 1Source. No, he isn't hitting the gym daily, but he is making sure he gets what he needs to be primed to perform.

Yelas Starts His Pre-Season Prep by Placing OrdersZoneloc hooks pro Jay Yelas

"I believe my first priority when I'm getting ready for the upcoming season is to get my gear ordered," said Yelas. "I'm talking about all of my big equipment. New boat, motor, trolling motor, electronics, etc. I try and get my boat ordered in September so it is ready around the beginning of the year for delivery.

"That way, I can make sure the boat is rigged and ready for the upcoming year."

Getting Things Signed, Sealed & Delivered

"Along with placing my orders, I'm making sure any sponsor agreements are completed in the fall," said Yelas. "Most of the sponsors I've worked with decide their budgets for the season by the end of September or close to that. I make sure I have tied up any negotiations as early as possible so I can head into the season ready to compete and represent my sponsors."

Fishing Workouts

"I believe you have to fish throughout the year," said Yelas. "I'm not talking about tournament bass fishing, but any fishing where you're getting up early and fishing on your feet for 8 hours or more.

"The act of fishing hard at least a couple of days per week throughout the fall and winter before the season starts is very important. It keeps you in fishing shape. I fish a lot for salmon and steelhead and other ocean fish when I'm not tournament bass fishing.

"If you don't keep fishing when the season starts and you are wearing heavy raingear and it's cold and you have to fish for 8 hours, your body will breakdown and be so sore.

"You don't need to be in the gym, but you need to stay in fishing shape to be prepared for the season."

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl