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  Fishing Pro Woo Daves likes Bass Pro Shops fishing tackle and NITRO bass boats. Over the years, bass fishing has become a more technical game and each year seems to have even more innovative fishing equipment to use and new techniques to try. Here are five of my must-haves for fishing. Hope these help you as much as they have helped me be a better angler. 1. Great Electronics: That is why I use the Raymarin E Series fishfinders with its hybrid touch, as it gives you awesome 3D graphics and instantaneous chart release. And with the chirp technology,…
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Fish as a back boater and learn a ton about bass fishing Steps to fishing vary for different people, but if you have a desire to be a tournament guy or girl, join Bass and fish a year or two on the open tournaments as a back boater, and you can learn a ton about bass fishing. I have seen a great group of young fisherman move up the ladder by starting out here. Learn to fish plastics, and you will have a big portion of the game won. Get a “Worming with Woo” DVD and study it closely. Additionally: …
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Looking back on 2013, I wanted to create a recap of some essential fishing and hunting topics and memories from the year. Take a look at my roundup below: My Biggest Hunt of the Year: I was invited to take my 20 beagles up to New York to rabbit hunt with the true Amish people on their farm land. It was quite the experience, and I left there with some really good friendships. When we started the hunt, it was with two guys. And then you would look up on the hill, and here would come another Amish hunter walking…
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Channel Bass

March 22, 2013 - for Saltwater
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Channel bass -- or red fish, as we like to call them -- offer the most exciting saltwater fishing to be had from the Texas Coast all the way around the horn to Maryland. There is nothing that can touch the strike of a red drum, be it 10 inches long or 60 inches long. The great thing about these awesome tackle testers is they are one of the biggest and definitely the most fighting fish to be caught in shallow water consistently. And another great thing about the channel bass -- you can catch them from the bank a…
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