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Pro Angler Bradley Roy’s Springtime Favorites for Bass

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March 11, 2019
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By Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl

Bradley Roy is a young dude at 28 years old, but he’s a 9-year veteran of the pro bass fishing wars. Roy fishes with the best-of-the-best on the MLF Bass Pro Tour. Fortunately, he had a few moments to share some info about his favorite springtime bass baits as he heads down the road to his next event.

Creature Bait

“I like using creature baits this time of the year,” said Roy. “My favorite is the Cabin Creek Express Bug. I Texas-rig it and use it around a variety of cover. It works well in everything from heavy to sparse cover. No matter the phase of spawn the bass are in, it just seems to get bites.”


“My go-to spinnerbait in the spring is a ½-ounce model,” says Roy. “I like one with a smaller Colorado blade in the front and a large willow leaf blade on the back. Spinnerbaits will get a big bite in the spring, especially when you fish it with big BR2300-250 insideblades.

“Oftentimes when big shad are starting to spawn and get more active, that big willow leaf spinnerbait imitates those perfectly. You can fish it near the bottom or shallower around vertical cover.”

Suspending Jerkbait

“I don’t have a favorite suspending jerkbait,” claims Roy. “I just know they work well in the spring. I’ll throw anything from an SPRO McStick, Megabass, or the old original Rogues. These baits are killer, especially on pre-spawn bass.


“Its ability to suspend gives you the opportunity to leave it sitting around cover or to bring them up or out of it. I usually fish them adjacent to spawning areas on points or around docks.”

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