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Three Questions With Pro Angler John Cox

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May 21, 2018
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by Dave Landahl


Abu Garcia pro John Cox is a former Forrest Wood Cup champion (the FLW Tour championship) and Bassmaster Classic qualifier. Cox is known for ferreting out bass from the shallows and not really using his electronics much except for navigation, temperature, etc.


This shallow-water wizard regularly braves the super skinny depths to pry out a limit of bass. Today, Cox braves the power and might of Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source. Will John survive the onslaught? Read on and find out.Berkley pro John Coxs key bait The General preview.jpg300-250


DL - What is the worst fishing decision you've ever made?


JC - I have made a lot. I mean, a lot. In general, leaving winning fish is something I've done more than anything else.


It usually goes like this. I'll find a good spot. Fish it hard. Think there are no more fish there and that it won't replenish. Then I'll check it at the end of the day when I don't have much time, only to find that it reloaded with the quality of fish I needed to win.


DL - Do you prefer beer or soda pop?


JC - I prefer soda. I'm not a fan of beer. Coca Cola is my deal.


DL - What is your favorite fishing technique?


JC - I really like sight fishing. There is something about it that is similar to hunting. Once you find the fish you're after, it becomes one-on-one to catch them. Kind of personal instead of blindly casting. Each bass reacts somewhat differently. You're never sure what to expect.


My favorite lure to use is the Berkley MaxScent General. It's a great bait for sight fishing.

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