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Three Questions With Pro Angler Jay Yelas

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January 4, 2016
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by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl

Welcome to Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source 2016. Our first victim of 2016 is the fearless bass warrior known to all as Jay Yelas. Yes, this venerable Mercury/Yamamoto pro has been battling in the pro bass trenches for decades. Been pretty darn successful, too, with a Bassmaster Classic title and Angler of the Year (AOY) titles at both Bassmaster and the FLW. All-in-all, not a bad career.

However, today he clearly accepts his greatest challenge. Will Jay Yelas survive Three Questions from Pros4- 1Source? Read it and weep.

DL - What country would you most like to visit?

JY - Gosh, probably New Zealand. I've heard about the fantastic fishing opportunities there. The remarkable scenery. All of those Lord of the Rings movies were filmed there. People I know who've been there tell me it is just gorgeous.

a 9382 1300I think it would be so cool to go there. It's almost on the exact other side of the world from where I live in Oregon. I'd definitely pack a fishing rod and chase those brown trout and steelhead. It would be pretty neat to fish for them down under.

DL - What is left on your career goal agenda?

JY - I'd like to win the Forrest Wood Cup. I've won the other major titles. The Bassmaster Classic, the AOY in both Bassmaster and FLW. Nobody else has done it.

I mean, I'd still like to win at any FLW Tour event, but my main goal is to get to the Forrest Wood Cup. I can't win it if I'm not in it.

DL - Do you prefer steak or desserts?

JY - These days I prefer steaks. I mean, I love desserts, but they are not really a good main course. I wouldn't feel very good eating them as a main course. I prefer a medium-rare T-bone or ribeye from the grill for that.


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