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Fishing Knot Library: How to Tie the Double Uni Knot in 4 Easy Steps

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August 5, 2018
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How to Tie Fishing Line: Double Uni Knot Instructions

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This knot is used by anglers in both salt and fresh water for joining lines of similar or different strengths. It works well and some find it easier to tie than the Blood Knot.

Find the Double Uni fishing knot on the PRO-KNOT Fishing Knot Tying Instruction Cards, available at Bass Pro Shops website or at your local Bass Pro Shops store.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Tie the Double Uni-Knot

Step 1

Overlap the ends of lines to be
joined. Take the end of the line
from the left and double back
and make 3 to 4 wraps around
both lines and through the loop
that was formed. Pull tag end to
tighten. (Note: When tying
mono to braided line, make
5 turns with the mono and
8 turns with the braid.)

DoubleUnitKnot 1

Step 2

Repeat with the end of the line
on the left making the same
number of wraps unless tying
with braided line in which you
should double the number of

DoubleUnitKnot 2

Step 3

You have now tied two Uni
knots. Pull the standing lines
in opposite direction to slide
the two knots together.

DoubleUnitKnot 3

Step 4

Clip ends close to the knot.

DoubleUnitKnot 4


This knot can be found on the PRO-KNOT Fishing
Knot Tying Instruction Cards
, available at Bass Pro
Shops website
or at your local Bass Pro Shops store.
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