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Battle Murky Water With Glitter Baits

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June 16, 2014
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Last week while shooting a video for 1Source on the subject of jigging tactics for crappie in weeds, a theme arose in terms of bait details. The best plastics that I used for the day were a 2.5-inch Lunker City Fin-S Fish and a 2-1/4-inch Bass Pro Shops Magnum Squirt Tube. These are two of my top crappie soft baits, but what really made these particular lures I was using so deadly was the glitter in the plastic.

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The silver flecks of the Lunker City Fin-S Fish in "Ice" color attracted fish in murky water with its reflection flashing like a strobe light.

Why glitter was so crucial on this given day was because the lake, which is usually gin clear, was murky. The main reason was pollen. It and other particulates made the lake a soupy mix of floating debris that reduced visibility. Using a flashy bait made a difference in the number of fish I attracted and coaxed to bite. It was that simple. Here are some details on each bait.

The Fin-S fish color was Ice, which contains heaps of silver fleck. This bait reflected a ton of light in the water. When twitched and hopped on a swimming retrieve, the minnow flashed like a strobe light. It attracted fish and the flicker proved amazing at triggering crappie to bite — and big yellow perch for that matter.

When the action slowed in one spot, I moved. At the next area I decided to try another bait, the Squirt tube in Black Chartreuse Red Sparkle — and sparkle this bait does. The red flakes in the bait's tentacles glimmer like a mirrorball. The flash and shine is constantly changing. Slowly swimming and drifting the bait above weed tops really hauled in fish.

Fishing success has much to do with big-picture factors, like location, but it's the finer details that can elevate an outing from a good to a great day. From saltwater brutes to freshwater panfish, glittering baits have their time and place for attracting fish and getting them to bite. Stock up on soft plastics featuring fleck and get ready for more hook sets this season.


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Tim Allard

Tim Allard hails from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He's a full-time outdoor journalist and author and photographer of the multi-award winning book, "Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide" (2010), which is also available in French under the title, "Pêche sur glace". Tim regularly contributes to numerous North American print and online publications. For more information visit

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