Fillet Fish Any Size With XPS Professional Grade Fillet Kit

The Bass Pro Shops XPS Professional-Grade Fillet Kit will have you filleting like a charter captain. The kit includes all you need to safely fillet fish of virtually any size with speed and precision. You'll get 2 XPS Pro-Grade fillet knives, 7" and 9", featuring premium 4118 German stainless steel blades with Armor-X corrosion-resistant coating. As side note, this kit makes a great gift for any serious fisherman, including yourself!

Customer Review: They cut through the paddle fish with no issues, I was very happy with their performance.

Customer Review: The knives are excellent, I have gotten used too the metal glove and use it anytime I am filleting fish. Love these handles on the knives, really makes them easier to use. Knives stay sharp for along time. Very satisfied with the kit.