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Wes David, Host of Fishing the Wild West TV

Wes David was born and raised on a cattle ranch near Beiseker Albert and has called Airdrie, Alberta home for the last 18-years. Former professional bull rider turned professional walleye tournament angler, outdoor writer, and host & producer of Fishing the Wild West TV, a fishing show dedicated to angling throughout western Canada and the northern U.S. States. Fishing the Wild West TV is in its 5th season and currently airing on 4-different US and Canadian networks reaching 19M households.

Wes spends about 125-days on the water each year fishing, videoing, and researching information for magazines, TV, and conservation efforts. Wes has videoed and written magazine articles covering all freshwater fish species and fishing for them and many saltwater species. Articles and videos also cover hunting, wildlife and fisheries, fishing gear, outdoor youth, and future conservation.

Wes is a big believer in conservation, educating about Canada’s fisheries and wildlife, and getting our youth involved in the outdoors.