Walter Parrott

Member for

8 years 3 months

Home: Smiths Station, AL (Originally from MO)
Family: Amy Lively (daughter), Sean Lively (son-in-law), Curtis Parrott (son), Taylor, Emma, & Grace     Lively (grandchildren)
Hobbies: Hunting & Fishing
Rifle/Bow Preference: Will hunt with anything legal for the season and area

Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: 203" Mule Deer
Greatest Hunting Achievement: Being able to make a living at it
Favorite Hunting Moment: Being able to share with others
Being a part of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team & having the opportunity to represent Bass Pro Shops and my other Sponsors!


Years Been Hunting: Since the age of guess my age LOL
Professional Affiliations: RedHead Pro Hunting Team Bass Pro Shops, Realtree, Indian Creek Shooting Systems
Favorite Technique: Whatever it takes to get the job done
Favorite Game to Hunt: Whatever is in season
Favorite Hunting Gear: RedHead gear for the season
Favorite Places to Hunt: United States of America
Favorite Season to Hunt: Whatever season is in at the time
Favorite Time to Hunt: The game & time of the season dictates favorite hunting times (ex: Turkey Season: morning, to hear them gobbling on the roost!)
Favorite Way to Hunt: The game dictates this as well...time of year, the weather, where you are hunting
Favorite Gear: Turkey Season: Shotgun — Benelli 12 ga. 3". Deer Season — Archery: RedHead Toxik XT. Firearms — rifle: Remington .30-06; muzzleloader: CVA .50 caliber