Rick Clunn

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10 years 10 months

Home:  Ava, Missouri
(wife) Melissa, (children) Sage, River, Brooke, Cortney
Mountain biking & hiking

Rick Clunn is a professional bass fisherman from La Porte, TX who currently resides in Ava, Missouri. He is on the NITRO Boats Pro Team and on the Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff and has fished professionally for over 40 years. Rick was the first angler to win a million dollars in competitive bass fishing.

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Angling Stuff

Largest Bass: 13 lb. Alabama
Bass Fishing Hero: Holmes B. Clunn, father
Caught First Bass: age 6 on a red-white Heddon Lucky 13
Fishing Guide: Lake Conroe, Texas for 14 years (1975 -1989)

Career Winnings

41+ Years Pro
17 Wins
Top 10 Finishes: 123
4 Time Bassmaster Classic Winner
32 Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier

Career Highlights

1976,1977,1984, and 1990 Bassmasters Classic World Champion.
1988 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year.
28 consecutive years qualifying for the Bassmasters Classic World Championship.
1st Angler to win a million dollars in competitive bass fishing.
1985 Redman All-American Champion.
1983,1986 U.S. Open Champion.
14 B.A.S.S. National Championship wins.
Holds the Bassmaster Classic World Championship all-time catch record of 75 lb 9 oz.
FLW Champion Ross Barnett, Mississppi  Feb. 1997.
FLW Champion Beaver Lake, Arkansas April 2000.
FLW Champion Pickwick, Alabama  Lake June 2000.
2001 B.A.S.S. Mega-Bucks Champion.
All-Time leading money winner FLW Tour, over $700,000.
Inducted Bass Fishing Hall of Fame 2001.
Inducted Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2001.
2002 B.A.S.S. Central Open Sam Rayburn Champion.
2005 Voted All-Time Greatest Bass Angler by fans (ESPN ALL-TIME GREATEST ANGLER DEBATE)

Quote:  One of the questions I am most often asked is “What would you tell young, aspiring anglers?”

My answer is, “Live your dream!”  No matter what it requires, you must be true to your self.  Whether it translates into honors and awards must be set aside.  Whether you have the approval of others must be ignored.  Being happy and in harmony with the rest of creation comes only when your pursue your heart felt dreams.  Real dreams are dynamic.  There is no final destination.  It is more accurately a continuous journey where you experience your higher self in the most intimate way imaginable.  You realize your dream is your vehicle to search for perfection.  It is your art form, which gives you the creative ability to give back to creation.

My angling journey has been my greatest teacher.  It has become my infinite quest to reconnect with the wonders of creation.  Creations greatest gift was our creation.  Our greatest gift in return is to fulfill our creative potential.

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