Ott DeFoe

Member for

8 years 11 months

Home:  Blaine, TN
Family: Jennie(wife), Abbie, Parker and Elizabeth (children)
When at home: Fishes local lakes and rivers, actively participates in church and hosting Bass tournaments to raise awareness for Goodwill

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Ott Defoe is a professional bass fisherman from Knoxville, TN. He is on the NITRO Boats Pro Team and on the Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff. Ott fell in love with bass fishing at 9 and when he turned 12 he joined the East Tennessee Bass Anglers club. It was there that he learned most of the skills he possesses today.

Career Highlights

2019 Bassmaster Classic Champion
7 Tour-level Victories
2012 - B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year Runner-up
2011 - B.A.S.S. Rookie of the Year
- 61 career top-10 tour-level finishes
- 55 top-20 tour-level finishes
8 - time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier
2015 - Major League Fishing Selects Champion
2014 - Major League Fishing Selects Champion