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Friday Night Flies is a group of guys that enjoy everything about fly fishing and fly tying. Our videos show you fly tying techniques and tricks to help you catch more fish while fly fishing. Friday Night Flies ties new original patterns or we update old classics with new materials or special twists. Our fly recipes are guaranteed to help you catch fish in the Pacific Northwest and World Wide! From rainbow trout to Chinook salmon we have a fly for it and we have the experience to get you into these fish. We are constantly evolving our flies to make them more effective. 

Brad Knowles is the owner and operator of Pemberton Fish Finder. He guides most of the year and when he isn't you can find him in his shop, Spud Valley Sporting Goods, dishing out the goods on what to use and where to use it to get into some of BC's amazing wild fish.


Scott LeBoldus grew up in Ontario fishing for Lake Trout as well as Large and Small Mouth Bass. Shortly after he moved to BC he experienced fly fishing for the first time and he has not looked back. Scott is the head guide with Pemberton Fish Finder and he always shows up to the river with his latest creations from the vice and they always get you into fish.


Zach Copland grew up salmon fishing in the saltwaters around Vancouver. His passion for fishing eventually got him hooked into fly fishing and fly tying and it has become an obsession for him. When he's not running things at the White River Fly Shop at Bass Pro Shops in Tsawwassen you can find him out on the Squamish river chasing Bull Trout, Salmon and Steelhead on the fly.