Darryl Blair

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8 years 10 months

Home: Lebanon, Ohio
(wife) Linda, (daughter) Lori, (son) Brad, 3-grandsons, 1-granddaughter
Fishing, deer hunting, basketball, grandkids
27 foot Sportcraft


Angling Stuff

Favorite Technique: drift and cast
Fishing Strength:
I believe that it has been my good fortune to have had a great teacher. I have to some degree tried to learn all that I can about the fish I pursue. I like to call it "Thinking like a fish". It works. Nothing takes the place of "product knowledge".
Favorite Lake:
Lake Erie
Favorite Species
Fished: Smallmouth Bass
Likes to Fish:


Career Highlights

Fishing 67 Years
1986 began guiding and still doing it to this day
Won the Kraft Food Invitation Tournament in mid 90's
Won every prize in the Kraft Food Invitation including most fish, greatest total weight, and single largest Walleye