Bryan McDonough

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10 years 1 month

Home: Katy, Texas
(wife) Pam, (kids) Chelsea, Dani, Parker
Fishing, hunting, shooting clays
2011 Nitro Z-9

Angling Stuff

Favorite Technique: Crankbait
Fishing Strength:
Fishing grass
Favorite Lake:
Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn
Favorite Species
Likes to Fish:
Lakes and Rivers

Career Highlights

Fishing 25 years
4 1st Place finishes
10 Top-10 finishes
2011 1st place Fisher Of Men and Bass Weekend Series
2007 1st place ABA at Lake Somerville and Coleto Creek
2005 6th place BASS Federation AOY standings
2004 5th place Angler Quest at Lake Livingston and Lake Houston