Brian Gunn

Member for

9 years 2 months

Home: Savannah, Georgia
(wife) Mandi, (daughter) Emma, (sons) Mathew & Luke
Freshwater and saltwater fishing, camping , boating
Nitro 901


Angling Stuff


Favorite Technique: Shallow water spinnerbait fishing
Fishing Strength:
Shallow water with spinnerbaits and crankbaits
Favorite Lake:
Santee Cooper lake region in South Carolina
Favorite Species
largemouth Bass
Likes to Fish:
Lakes, coastal rivers, inland rivers, ponds and ocean


Career Highlights

Fishing 25 years
4 Time qualifier for Bassmaster Weekend Series
Winner Bassmaster Divisional Championship for South Carolina
3 time qualifier for Bass Federation Southern Division
Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff Member since 2004 at the Savannah, Georgia store