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Nationally known fisheries biologist Bob Lusk, based in Whitesboro, Texas has helped people design, build, stock and manage private lakes and ponds for more than 32 years. The 57 year old graduate of Texas A&M University travels the country as a lake and fisheries consultant. He is editor of Pond Boss, a national bimonthly magazine dedicated to managing private waters. Lusk has also written three books, Basic Pond Management, Raising Trophy Bass, and Perfect Pond, Want One?

Lusk's career has spanned the gamut of private freshwater fisheries management. He works primarily in the South and Southeast, helping clients learn to be better stewards of their water, while growing balanced populations of sport fish in recreational ponds and lakes. He consults on everything from stocking small ponds to creating world class fishing programs for his select group of clientele, to designing the perfect bass fishing lake.

Early in his career, Lusk owned or managed small hatcheries raising catfish, freshwater shrimp, sport fish and associated forage fishes. But, his passion lies in helping landowners become better managers of their water and wildlife resources.

Not only does Lusk also edit the premier pond management magazine in the nation, he has authored hundreds of articles about the subject. He makes personal appearances at trade shows and seminars to spread the word of pond management and has been on numerous television shows from Alan Warren Outdoors to Bass Edge and many, many vignettes seen on Animal Makeover TV on RFD-TV as well as Monday Night Live on RFD-TV, sponsored by Purina Mills.

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