Barry Lockhart

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8 years 6 months

Home: Sand Springs, Oklahoma
(daughters) Hollie, Hannah, Heather
Hunting, Fishing, Bicycling, Hiking, Golf
Rifle: Weatherby 300 WSM synthetic/ss, Shotgun: Remington 12ga, Benelli 20ga, Bow: Redhead XP-35 60-70 lbs with mussy broadheads


Hunting Stuff


Years Hunting: 36 years
Favorite Technique:
Bow hunting love the face to face experience
Hunting Strength:
Patience, strategies, preparation, calling
Favorite Game to Hunt
Elk followed by turkeys, enjoy the run and gun style with the calling of both species
Favorite Hunting Gear:
All my calls, you can never have too many calls or guns
Favorite Places to Hunt: Elk-Colorado, Turkey-Oklahoma, love Alaska just a little far for weekend hunting
Favorite Season to Hunt: What's not to love about every season
Favorite Time to Hunt: Definitely the morning when the woods are coming alive
Favorite Way to Hunt: Most definitely running and gunning, but I will incorporate tree stands or blinds, depending on the need


Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: An Alaskan Mountain Goat killed in November (what a COAT)
Greatest Hunting Achievement:
My first backpacking do it yourself Elk harvest with a bow
Favorite Hunting Moment:
Seeing kids kill their first turkey

I've harvested elk, deer (whitetail and muley), antelope, black bear, mountain goat, hogs, turkey, pheasant, quail, ducks, geese and rattlesnakes. I have hunted in Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Alaska and Iowa.