Habitats & Food Plots

A New Buck and Storm Proofed Food Plots (video)

Deer hunting this fall just got more exciting! The Reconyx trail cameras have revealed a new buck for the Growing Deer TV team! Check out the buck then see how they protect their food plots against heavy rains that would usually cause erosion. But first - a brief salute to the Fourth of July by Dr. Grant Woods.

Five DIY Projects to Improve Your Woods for Whitetail Deer

When the lawyer handed us the deed, our dream became a reality. My wife, Becky, and I had worked hard, saved, and finally bought 117 acres to live on.  Best of all, 80 acres of it was big, mature woods with towering oaks. This would be our deer hunting paradise.

The Hype Around Non-Typical Clover Seed

Clover, and especially white clover, is perhaps the single best plant available for deer food plots. It's fairly easy to establish, provides a high protein level, and when perennial types such as ladino are used, they can provide a food plot that lasts 3-5 years, sometimes even longer. All they require is mowing a few times a year, and occasional spraying if grass competition gets out of hand.

Food Plot Tips: Get Ready for Planting Season

Every year it happens: spring springs and food plotters start a mad dash to get their planting done. Trouble is, the weather never seems to cooperate and there never seems to be enough time. You get only so many weekends to get your plots in, so a little advance work can make your life as a food plotter a whole lot easier. Here is what you should have ready to go by the time planting time rolls around.


Check Soil pH